The ultimate flexible property management solution for self-managing landlords.

Explodes your property business efficiency, elevates the service you provide to a professional level, frees up your time...keeps your tenants happy...

Plus... All for minimal cost!


You want good tenants to stay... Constant tenant turnover is a nightmare!

Tenants are the most important factor to your bottom line.

Getting a tenant to renew their tenant agreement is an important goal for any Landlord.

Tulsa ensures you maintain your business relationships and keep your tenants happy for the long-term.

Good property management is the best way to maximise the return on your efforts.

Protect against tenancy disputes.. plus save time!

Tulsa Ensure accuracy of Inventory Schedule of condition and preparation

of your tenancy agreements saving you time and minimising disputes at end of tenancy.

Tulsa ensure nothing is overlooked and all details are correct.

Take away the stress of compliance

We understand as a landlord you're faced with a seemingly endless stream of emails, certificates and regulations that must be answered, completed and adhered to.

Tulsa's Compliance Health Check takes away all the stress, hassle and day to day administration of all relevant health and safety gas fire and electrical compliance regulations.

When you work with Tulsa you're working with a partner you can rely on and rest assured, your tenants remain your tenants.

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If you want to explode your property business efficiency with this flexible, no fuss property management solution, FREE up your time, keep your tenants happy...plus... All for minimal cost!

Contact us today.

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Getting Paid!

Developing a plan for collecting rent payments will save you the headache and the hassle of remembering which tenants have paid and who’s rent is late.

If arrears are identified, Tulsa approach the tenant with the primary goal being payment of the rent money owed. In addition you will receive monthly statements to record income. Plus In addition you will receive same-day transfer of cleared funds.

Out of Hours Property Emergency Services

Not all property emergencies take place between working hours of 9am and 6pm. We offer an out of hours emergency service for residents should the need arise. This out of hours service operates 365 days per year.

What if your Tenant stops paying?

It can be tough being a landlord, especially if your tenant suddenly stops paying their rent or causes significant damage to your property.

That’s why our unique Property Protect Cover proposition provides unrivalled protection against the risks associated with renting property.

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